Town Gossip and Rumors

A number of rumors have been appearing around town:

“A pair of dwarves got drunk at the Foundry a few nights ago and went up to Black Hill to drink some of the sludge up there on a dare. One of them grew a lot stronger for a few minutes after drinking the stuff, but the other one nearly died after the fluids burnt a hole in his gut!”

“A bunch of the smelters in the boarding house claim they saw a wyvern with some sort of machine sticking out of its chest a day’s ride west of town.”

“Jhestine over at Tempting Tonics is hoping to sell all of her stock so she can leave town – my wife says she’s taken a lover in Chesed and is moving north!”

“Garmen’s not the actual boss of the Ropefist gang. They’re actually agents of the Technic League!”

“Something’s been raiding Seven Tears Farms lately, crushing some crops and stealing others. Whatever’s doing it leaves these big round footprints in the ground.”

“I always figured Black Hill was hollow. There’s probably some big ancient ruin under our very feet connected to whatever machine makes the violet fire on the hilltop.”

“The mechanical creature Councilman Baine found under the hill wasn’t the only one. Others have been crawling out of the ground around town and attacking people!”

“That bloody golem the councilor found got up and raided town last night! Scared all my chickens!” NOTE: This is after it being deconstructed

“My cousin says his friend saw a monster snake in Crowfeather Lake, a beast big enough to swallow a wagon!”

“We’ve always had problems with gremlins around these parts – the pests are always breaking things or running off with supplies. I bet they have a whole nest somewhere in those caves under Black Hill.” (TRUE, we found an infestation under Black Hill)

“The Technic League’s not pleased with the situation, and I hear the Black Sovereign himself is heading to town in a few weeks to find out what’s been going on down here!”

“The Technic League is behind the problems in town. One of their agents put out the torch so we’ll all go broke and they can take the place over for free!”

Town Gossip and Rumors

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