The town of Torch is mainly known for two things, starmetal products, and the huge glowing torch at the top of the hill in the center of town. The torch was was also the only known non-magical flame hot enough to smelt starmetal and was needed to run the many forges but recently it has gone out and since then trade has been slow in the city.

Torch has a number of sects within town, but the most important of which the group has found are the Town Council and the Technic League.

There are several religions in town, the largest of which is Brigh (Invention, Technological creativity, Clockwork, Strife that breeds character and invention) and the most-noticable is Iomedae (Valor, Rulership, justice, Honor). You have also seen proof of worship of Zyphus (Death by Misfortune), but have not investigated enough to find others.

There are many things to find in town (you’re at 9 out of 25 Locations Discovered in Torch) [/GM prompting]


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