Iron Gods

The First Day

Session 1

Our three adventurers entered the town of Torch, a small town built on a mesa, which industry relayed mainly on forging sky metal. 8 days ago the touch went out and one Connar Baine went missing under the mountain. We have been hired to save the missing councilor but if we manage to reignite the torch we will get a bonus. Since we arrived we have met Connars daughter who has put us up in the forge tavern for the time being. That being said when we found her one of the constructs of Connars workshop had started trashing the the place with her inside, and we unfortunately had to put it down. After we got settled in we bought some items for our first delve into the mountain, and finally went up to the summit to see the torch. It had some strange liquid bubbling away inside, Borgan burned himself trying to retrieve some but eventually we got a sample to examine later. There we leave our heroes, what is this strange liquid, what is the automaton that trashed the workshop, and what will we find under the mountain?



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