Iron Gods

Dust to Dust

Session 5

This week only three adventurers where capable after the previous nights events. As they prepared they got a message inviting them to the silver disk casino and giving them 100gp free credit to play the games of the casino. It was suggested that the casino might be a front for the tecnik league due to the name and the staff having silver disks around their necks. They met the owner and learned a little but decided to return later when they have more info to ask about. After hearing about a rumor that said that there was an artifact found in the scrap yard that shined like the torch that was the next stop. After some searching and the purchase of a few silvery disks found in the scrap yard, the group decided that there was nothing for them there (yet) and decided to leave. Our heroes finally decided to search the caverns a bit more, and found another body that was being frozen by some freezing mold. Our heroes then passed through the illusion of the metal wall and (after a fight with another golem) found some interesting rooms, one with a cage with a strange beast skeleton, one with twisted pipe with valves all pointing into the room, and one with a fau desert. The fau desert was the home of some sort of tentacle beast and un-dead, four armed skeletons, and after an extended fight the beast fled and the skeletons defeated. But victory came with a price, one of their own was killed in the exchange. Our heroes left the mountain with two bodies that day, and sad faces, but that would not be then end of their story



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