Iron Gods

In over our heads.

After waiting for Silas to return for over half an hour, the party decided to send Gremlocke and Borgan to go find out what the hold up is.

Silas is strangely absent, the priests of Brigh have not seen him, feeling uneasy Borgan persuades the cleric to come help retrieve Konnir. His lesser restores oddly bounced off and fizzled, a mystery for all.

The party takes the councilman to the temple of Brigh and leave him in their care, and receive the waver for their reward.

After receiving their share Adilya and Fiber wander off into town. Borgan and Gremlocke go off to gear up to chase up the stories of the ropefist gang who have been stirring up more trouble than usual, who they suspect of mabye kidnapping or killing Silas.

After gearing up they head to the warehouse district and find no one when suddenly Borgan lets out a small cry and vanishes. Gremlocke follows his footprints and finds some more leading to the window of Vals tavern, Gremlocke hears the sounds of torture comeing from Vals room.

He tries to sneak into the room, but stumbles on the steps and hears spells being cast from vals room. As he rushes in he takes an acid spell right in the face, stumbling back he chugs down a potion while his assailant creates mirror images and covers his blade in acidic magic. The magus presses the assault until gremlocke has his back to the steps and is forced into melee combat, but refusing to back down.

Inside Vals room we find a tortured Val, reviving an unconscious Borgan. Borgan stumbles to his feet and can see the fight outside the room, just in time to see Gremlocke falls gravely injured to the floor, his final words “He’s yours now, don’t forget my 10 gold…”.

Val socks a clone over the head with the empty potion bottle, while Borgan tells her to take his healing potion to try and revive Gremlocke. On hearing this the magus laughs and finishes Gremlocke off.

Borgan rages and charges unarmed at the magus, hitting the real target and bullrushing through the banister into the bar below. The injured Magus and Borgan Clamber to their feet, as the towns alarm is sounding. Feeling this is more trouble than it’s worth, the Magus turns invisible and flees, while Borgan swings at air, Val points out footprints at the door.

(I lost track after this, someone fill in the gap)

Borgan and Silas are currently fighting for their lives at one of the warehouses with the help of the ever heroic Val. Things are not looking good however and a hulking brute of a thug lumbers into the warehouse…

Found 4000gp!
(and the bloke we went in for)

Found Khonnir Baine. He had the following stuff.
timeworn radiation detector, a medlance, a
timeworn hypogun, two nanite canisters,
and 2 doses of grade I hemochem

Dust to Dust
Session 5

This week only three adventurers where capable after the previous nights events. As they prepared they got a message inviting them to the silver disk casino and giving them 100gp free credit to play the games of the casino. It was suggested that the casino might be a front for the tecnik league due to the name and the staff having silver disks around their necks. They met the owner and learned a little but decided to return later when they have more info to ask about. After hearing about a rumor that said that there was an artifact found in the scrap yard that shined like the torch that was the next stop. After some searching and the purchase of a few silvery disks found in the scrap yard, the group decided that there was nothing for them there (yet) and decided to leave. Our heroes finally decided to search the caverns a bit more, and found another body that was being frozen by some freezing mold. Our heroes then passed through the illusion of the metal wall and (after a fight with another golem) found some interesting rooms, one with a cage with a strange beast skeleton, one with twisted pipe with valves all pointing into the room, and one with a fau desert. The fau desert was the home of some sort of tentacle beast and un-dead, four armed skeletons, and after an extended fight the beast fled and the skeletons defeated. But victory came with a price, one of their own was killed in the exchange. Our heroes left the mountain with two bodies that day, and sad faces, but that would not be then end of their story

A invisible foe
Session 3

This week we went looking for the gremlins plaguing the Underdarkers, after some trouble we managed to drive them off and kill one of them. We finished our deal with the Underdarkers and now they will let us pass without a problem.
We found out that bain went through a circular portal in the metal door and killed some of the Underdarkers to get through. Sef has offered to trade some of the other artifacts they have scavenged when we next return

Available paths currently:

-In the cave we are currently in:
·North: 3 paths
·Southwest: Dunno
.West: Slope that leads to the pit
·East: Weird shiny metal wall (Only Silas knows of this atm)

-In the cavern as a whole:
·The central path at the fork full of junk.

-Go back outside

The First Day
Session 1

Our three adventurers entered the town of Torch, a small town built on a mesa, which industry relayed mainly on forging sky metal. 8 days ago the touch went out and one Connar Baine went missing under the mountain. We have been hired to save the missing councilor but if we manage to reignite the torch we will get a bonus. Since we arrived we have met Connars daughter who has put us up in the forge tavern for the time being. That being said when we found her one of the constructs of Connars workshop had started trashing the the place with her inside, and we unfortunately had to put it down. After we got settled in we bought some items for our first delve into the mountain, and finally went up to the summit to see the torch. It had some strange liquid bubbling away inside, Borgan burned himself trying to retrieve some but eventually we got a sample to examine later. There we leave our heroes, what is this strange liquid, what is the automaton that trashed the workshop, and what will we find under the mountain?


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